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Introducing the Predictive Layer Genius Finance Solution

Maximize your financial strategy with our advanced Genius Finance solution, which operates with proprietary data meticulously adapted to distinct markets, providing a competitive edge across varied trading and hedging strategies.

Our solution is capable of generating superior AI-models, paired with a high degree of interpretability. We understand the importance of transparency in financial operations. Therefore, Genius Finance comes equipped with advanced dashboarding, elucidating each individual forecast, promoting efficient risk management, and enhancing your decision-making process.

Our insights

Genius Finance is engineered to accommodate a variety of forecasting targets and trading indicators. Whether it involves rolling contracts, maturity spreads, geographic or product differentials, or continual time-series analysis, our solution is tailored to meet a broad spectrum of forecasting requirements with efficiency and precision.

In an era where data is the new currency, our system is architected to integrate an unlimited amount of exogenous data. This enables optimal use of your proprietary data in conjunction with market, supply, competition, and weather indicators. Genius Finance does not just analyze data; it synthesizes it to create a comprehensive view of your financial landscape.

With Predictive Layer’s Genius Finance solution, transform your financial data into a strategic tool. Take the ambiguity out of trading and hedging strategies and let our AI, combined with your data, drive your financial success.

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Use cases

Some use cases

  • Power: Anticipate derivative contract prices
  • Gas: Hedge your gas supply¬†
  • Equity: Forecast indexes evolution
  • Bonds: Anticipate bonds spreads