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Empowering any organization to do more with accurate predictions

We propose the most advanced and accurate prediction solutions based on our unique AI technology to help your organisation better anticipate the future.


We help you make better decisions with clear insights.

Demand & Supply forecast specialist

Our common foundation is our Core technology which helps us to become the master of demand and supplies forecasts.

High quality industrial products

We own and operate more than 10 different products covering a large range of industries such as Energy, Finance, Pricing and Planification.

Ethical Artificial Intelligence

We produce ethical models that fully respect the expected constraints of our customers. Our Solutions ensure the entire control of the technology.

Explainable AI

Our solutions have been carefully designed to ensure high level of explainability.

Working together


of productivity improvement for our customers


countries covered by our signals


different business problems addressed by our solutions

20 000+

models built by our solutions


of average improvement in forecast accuracy compared to customers’ existing algorithms


Our Core AI technology

We have built a unique artificial intelligence core software dedicated to time series prediction.


Coupled with a unique data set we have been collecting since inception, we can enrich your own business data to solve your most complex business problem.


We are continuously investing to improve our core technology in order to provide to you a real competitive edge when forecasting with accuracy matters.

Make better decisions

Artificial Intelligence won’t replace managers
but managers who use AI will replace managers that don’t.

HBR, “The Business of Artifiial Intelligence”, Erik Brynjolfsson, Andrew McAfee, 2017


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