Machine learning

Automated unsupervised Machine Learning
with Artificial Intelligence

Big data & Open data

Leveraging the big data of your business, and learning from the open data of your industry

Cloud Services

Flexible IT deployment on the secured cloud or in private premises


Predictive Layer's core technology is provides a unique prediction modeling platform

  • Automate the correlation of all the open exogenous data and your company's big data
  • Using machine learning and artificial intelligence for time series & profiling

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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Instead of installing a open mathematical prediction platform which has to be used by advanced mathematicians,
Predictive Layer has leveraged its mathematician and multiple industry sector know-how to deliver automated machine learning artificial intelligence platform: Crystal & Genius Finance.

This unique combination of algorithms is able to automate the modeling process but also to achieve superior performance and accuracy
with a unique combination of Machine learning algorithms for:

  1. Times series and future evolution in time of variables
  2. Classification, profiling to identify the future intent probabilities

It is using an innovative Machine learning approach:

  • Time Series Prediction Engine
  • Latency & "Sample Period" Management
  • Handling of different data granularity
  • Automated Indicators
  • Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning
  • Combination of Decision Trees, Model and Data Fusion with Ensemble Methods and Genetic Algorithms

Exogenous Open Data & Enterprise Big Data

Big data & open data
Enterprise from all the sectors are deploying massive IT capabilities to collect & store all the internal big data of their business. This bring very detailed insight from huge volume of data streams, requiring security and privacy.

Government, Public Organisations, Industry sector organisations are publishing now huge volume of big data and open data describing in real time their activities and evolution.
It is now possible to simply take in consideration all these different data sources to build the most accurate and reliable forecasts.
Predictive Layer automated prediction platforms is connecting electronically all these exogenous data sources and proposes very simple APIs to connect its customer proprietary data.

System schema for your automated machine learning plateform

Flexible Public / Private / Hybrid Cloud Services

In order to bring the highest flexibility, security and privacy for the services of its B2B customers, Predictive Layer has implemented the latest scalable technologies of IT, databases and cloud computing.

Crystal & Genius Finance platform services are available in different model of operations of data centers:

  • On secured Predictive Layer cloud based infrastructure
  • Into B2B customer private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud services models
Crystal & Genius Finance platforms are also leveraging the most scalable databases and can connect simply via APIs to the different big data repository architectures that its customers has put in place.
Big data & open data
Machine learning engine schema
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