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Start now to shape your future with automated AI solutions from Predictive Layer

You Need Predictive Analytics to Compete in your Industry!

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Big data is out, machine learning is in
The Rise of Automated Analytics, Wall Street Journal - Gartner

Complexity vs Business value
Complexity vs business value chart
Produced data vs Used data
Produced vs used data chart

Enterprises have deployed huge efforts to collect internal big data on their business

  • Everyday, in every industries, new sources of Open Data are available to enhance business control
  • Your company's proprietary data can bring significant value, when correlated with exogenous Open Data

How do you use these data to drive your business?

  • "Enterprises are struggling to achieve actionable insights with analytics" - KPMG
  • Existing predictive solutions requires advanced mathematicians & advanced IT agility to be combined with your best business experts.
  • Existing predictive systems requires high IT investment costs, specialized human resources, complex / long IT project implementations, for unpredictable results in an unsecured privacy & security framework.

From Big data to Smart data, move a step up in competitive advantage with automated prediction by leveraging all available internal Big data with available exogenous Open data!

  • Accurate and reliable predictions enable you to predict your business and anticipate your action plan.
  • They provide significant differentiation and increase your competitiveness in your industry.

Predictive Layer is providing an automated prediction platform to serve you in your industry

Unique combinations of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence are used to automatically correlate :

  • Your business sources of proprietary data
  • Exogenous data delivered by the open data sources of your industry
Predictive Layer forecasts the evolution in time of your critical business indicators and allows you to take preemptive actions, leapfrogging your competition.

Predictive Layer Business Benefits

From insight to foresight

Predictive Layer provides accurate forecasts of your key business indicators, so that you will leapfrog competition by taking the right market action earlier.

Identify the right Customers opportunities

Profiling and targeting customers at risk, and customer future intents to enable churn reduction, cross sell, upsell.

Extract business value from your big data

Machine learning will learn from all your big data and identify direct opportunities for new revenue or cost reductions

Learn from the open data of your industry

Connect and learn from market available exogenous data of your industry and anticipate the trends with targeted actions

Automate Prediction process

Just focus your team on your business; the Predictive Layer platform has automated the mathematics and the IT systems required for predictive analytics.

Secured & Flexible IT implementation

Based on your business requirements, Predictive Layer platforms can be deployed in your private IT context (on premises) or in a secured cloud based infrastructure (in the cloud).

Predictive Layer Products

Genius Pricing

AI-based Dynamic Pricing Engine to Optimize B2B Pricing
  • Take advantage of our Machine Learning platform to adjust your sales pricing dynamically
  • Adjusts pricing to each specific context (client, urgency, location, etc.)
  • Improve your margin by 2-6%, and your sales productivity by 20%

Genius Operations

AI-based Operations & Supply Chain Optimization for Retail, Airports, Renewable Energy & More
  • Our automated AI-based platform can help optimize your operations by predicting with much greater accuracy demand and supply
  • By automatically identifying correlations between your internal data and external data for your industry, the Predictive Layer platform helps improve product availability, reduce inventory levels, reduces waste

Genius Trade

AI-based Purchasing and Trading Platform for Finance & Commodities
  • Automatically identify correlations between numerous data sources to optimize purchase prices, timing of orders
  • Operates at industrial scale, 24x7
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Use Cases


Forecast energy demand and production to optimize energy trading & smartgrid management

Learn more

Financial services

Forecast market evolutions based on demand, supply and transport trends

Learn more

Retail & supply chain

Forecast retail to optimize resources, inventory & logistics

Learn more

Latest news & events

Press release: New Partnership

Predictive Layer and Effixis are pleased to announce that they have entered into a technology partnership, combining Predictive Layer's leading automated Machine Learning solutions for time series services with Effixis' deep technical expertise in financial scenario simulation and stress testing.

Applied Machine Learning Days: EPFL

On the 29th of January, we will be at the start up day organised by Applied Machine Learning Days.
Let's meet there!

Are you breaking the data siloes to scale more business?

Our CTO Serge Rigori got the opportunity to share our #AI and #PredictiveAnayltics expertise with our partner Schneider Electric. Watch the panel to see how #ML can accelerate your business growth. #Energy #machinelearning

15th Annual European & Global Pricing Workshops & Conference

After having shared our insights in Brussels last week, we will be heading to the Professional Pricing Society Conference in Berlin this week to share our dynamic pricing best practices.

Will you be there? Let’s meet up :) #DynamicPricing #SalesEfficiency #AI #MachineLearning #europeanglobalpricingforum

27 - 29 Nov 2019
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