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Predict & take pre-emptive actions

Leapfrog Competition with automated machine learning

Learn from
your Big Data
and Open Data

with Crystal Machine Learning

Learn from your big data & open data

Target your customers

to increase their Satisfaction, Loyalty and up-sell.

Target your customers with machine learning and big data

Learn from your industry open data

and Leapfrog your Competition

Learn from industry open data

Focus Data Scientists on your business

Predictive Layer takes care of the maths and the rest

Focus data scientists on your business

From insights to true impact

with Crystal & Genius Predictive Layer platforms

From insights to true impact, Predictive Layer

You Need Predictive Analytics to Compete in your Industry!

84% enterprises see big data analytics changing their industries

84% of enterprises see big data analytics changing their industries' competitive landscapes by 2015.

89% believe in the risk of loss of share

89% believe in the risk of loss of share if no serious action is taken.

70% of the most profitable companies

By 2016, 70% of the most profitable companies will manage business processes using real-time predictive analytics or extreme collaboration.

Few indicators


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Predicting models
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Big data is out, machine learning is in
The Rise of Automated Analytics, wall street Journal - Gartner 2015 Hype Cycle

Complexity vs Business value
Complexity vs business value chart
Produced data vs Used data
Produced vs used data chart

Enterprises have deployed huge efforts to collect internal big data on their business

  • Everyday, in every industries, new sources of Open Data are available to enhance business control
  • Your company's proprietary data can bring significant value, when correlated with exogenous Open Data

How do you use these data to drive your business?

  • "Enterprises are struggling to achieve actionable insights with analytics" - KPMG
  • Existing predictive solutions requires advanced mathematicians & advanced IT agility to be combined with your best business experts.
  • Existing predictive systems requires high IT investment costs, specialized human resources, complex / long IT project implementations, for unpredictable results in an unsecured privacy & security framework.

From Big data to Smart data, move a step up in competitive advantage with automated prediction by leveraging all available internal Big data with available exogenous Open data!

  • Accurate and reliable predictions enable you to predict your business and anticipate your action plan.
  • They provide significant differentiation and increase your competitiveness in your industry.

Predictive Layer is providing an an automated prediction platform to serve you in your industry

Unique combinations of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence are used to automatically correlate :

  • Your business sources of proprietary data
  • Exogenous data delivered by the open data sources of your industry
Predictive Layer forecasts the evolution in time of your critical business indicators and allows you to take preemptive actions, leapfrogging your competition.

Predictive Layer Business Benefits

From insight to foresight

Predictive Layer provides accurate forecasts of your key business indicators, so that you will leapfrog competition by taking the right market action earlier.

Identify the right Customers opportunities

Profiling and targeting customers at risk, and customer future intents to enable churn reduction, cross sell, upsell.

Extract business value from your big data

Machine learning will learn from all your big data and identify direct opportunities for new revenue or cost reductions

Learn from the open data of your industry

Connect and learn from market available exogenous data of your industry and anticipate the trends with targeted actions

Automate Prediction process

Just focus your team on your business; the Predictive Layer platform has automated the mathematics and the IT systems required for predictive analytics.

Secured & Flexible IT implementation

Based on your business requirements, Predictive Layer platforms can be deployed in your private IT context (on premises) or in a secured cloud based infrastructure (in the cloud).

  • With Predictive Layer Crystal and Genius Finance platforms

    You will be able to build the best prediction models for your key business performance indicators
    without requiring a mathematician expert, but by bringing your best business know-how of your industry.

    All your business analysts can now build accurate and reliable forecast models!
  • In a controlled, flexible and secure IT/cloud environment, Crystal and Genius Finance allow you to:

    1. Generate accurate and reliable forecasts to optimizing your supply, reducing your purchase and facilitating your logistics, controlling your inventories, optimize your sales & marketing & support delivery
    2. Detect and profile the future intents and next actions of your prospective customers, enabling incremental sales, increasing customer loyalty and reducing churn

  • Predictive Layer automated prediction use cases are generating
    major savings and leapfroging new revenues into these industries.


Predictive Layer services provide automated prediction analytics.
Without requiring mathematical expertise, our clients can build their own models to forecast their core business indicators. The platform also gives access to the open data of the relevant industry sector so that the 'machine learning' learns from all the main market dynamics to further develop the best action plans.


Automated Prediction platform with unique machine learning algorithm to predict time series. Crystal learns from your signals and from exogenous data influencing them to predict their short evolution in time.

Genius Finance

Modeling platform for Financial Markets. By learning from financial and economic open data sources, Genius automatically forecasts supply, demand, transformation and the market trend impact on key financial indicators.

Genius Retail

Real-time forecast of retail business, customers, inventories by correlating historical business records with influencing open-data to optimize resources allocations, inventory and logistics for each product category.


Automated profiling & targeting platform, leveraging the knowledge embedded in your big data, and taking into consideration the key external data influencing their behaviors.

Crystal screenshot in iPad

Use Cases


Forecast energy demand and production to optimize energy trading & smartgrid management

Learn more

Financial services

Forecast market evolutions based on demand, supply and transport trends

Learn more

Retail & supply chain

Forecast retail to optimize resources, inventory & logistics

Learn more


Machine learning

Automated Unsupervised Machine Learning artificial intelligence

Learn more

Big data & Open data

Leveraging your company's big data, and learning from the open data of your industry

Learn more

Cloud services

Flexible IT deployment in a secure cloud or on private premises

Learn more

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Latest news & events

Predictive Layer to present at the IDC conference in Paris "Intelligence Artificielle & Machine Learning".

On October 18th at IDC's conference in Paris on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Predictive Layer will present an overview of how to use your company's own data enriched with external data sources to improve short-term forecasts or improve the company's pricing approach.

This will include examples of how to move rapidly from a Proof of Concept (PoC) to deployment at industrial scale, which key success factors to consider and what type of results might be expected.

The presentation will be illustrated by real-life customer examples that demonstrate specific benefits and lessons learned.

Come and join us at the event on Thursday, October 18th, at the Aéroclub de France, Paris 16ème.
Sign-up for free.

Predictive Layer to co-sponsor Canalys Channels Forum EMEA in Barcelona

On October 9-11th at the annual Canalys Channels Conference EMEA in Barcelona, Spain, Predictive Layer will share how to use a company's own data enriched with external data sources to improve short-term forecasts and improve the company's pricing approach.

We will discuss how to deploy AI/ML solutions at industrial scale, key factors to consider during implementation and what results clients can expect.

This new, AI/ML-based approach to dynamic pricing is particularly relevant for many of the distributors and technology vendors who will be attending the event, but applies equally well to companies across many industries with B2B sales teams.

At AI Paris 2018, Predictive Layer is launching its new B2B Dynamic Pricing service based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

On June 11th in AI Paris, Cité de la Mode & Design, Predictive Layer is demonstrating live its Dynamic Pricing Engine Platform – Genius Pricing.

Predictive Layer automated machine learning & artificial intelligence is enabling the dynamic optimization of prices that a Product or a Distribution company can provide to their Clients. Predictive Layer Dynamic Pricing engine correlates automatically the sales and support data with the external market pricing and market drivers, to assess real-time pricing elasticity and optimize the prices for every RFQ for customers, resellers or distributors.

Genius Pricing real-time price recommendations allow up to 4% increase of gross margin & 2% of incremental market share. Furthermore, it is improving the efficiency of the sales organisation & pricing process by up to 20%!

Come and visit us at Artificial Intelligence AI Paris 2018, Stand A11, 11 & 12 june 2018.

Predictive Layer and Cisco demonstrate Automated Machine Learning for Retail & Malls, Hospitality & Catering, Airport & Transports at VIVA Technology tradeshow on Paris, 24-26 May.

During the leading 2018 tradeshow for innovation in Paris, Viva Technology, Cisco and Predictive Layer jointly present how to Automate and Optimize Operations for Retail, Catering, CPG, Airports & Transports.

Business performance is directly improved by forecasting future demand and supply based on multiple variables of influence.

Wait-lines are reduced by processing the Cisco LAN/Wifi data records. Furthermore, Workforces, Inventory, Supply chain can be minimized, Waste avoided; for the best benefits of the clients and the quality of the those services.

Please visit Cisco & Predictive Layer @ Booth L30-012.

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