NG Utilities Conference

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NG Utilities conference
Predictive Layer is presenting its Solution for Energy & Utility Providers at the conference for Next Generation Utilities 2016.

  NG Utilities 2016
  2016, April 22-24
  Fairmont St Andrew, Scotland

Welcome to visit Predictive Layer at NG Utilities 2016!

Predictive Layer solution for Energy and Utility Providers

The energy transition is generating more and more versatility & volatility in Smartgrids, like renewable energies and mobile consumers like e-cars.

Market pressure and fierce competition in most countries is requiring Energy providers to be more efficient in their operations and process to purchase and trade Energy.

Predictive Analytics is a unique competitive advantage for Energy Providers to pilot their SmartGrids with more efficiency, and to anticipate electricity market balance and price to optimize purchase and trade.

Predictive Layer is providing a unique automated predictive analytics platform.
It allows to automatically build and scale short term forecast, and/or to improve and enhance short term predictions.
It uses automated machine learning artificial intelligence and it is leveraging open data signals which influence the energy consumers or production systems.

Predictive Layer customers use the platform for:

  • Smartgrid Energy Management System Optimization (inc. predictive maintenance)
  • Energy trading services on electricity national & international markets

They save up to 30% in their purchase and trading of energy and they can reduce by up to 25% their operational costs.

Energy forecast by Predictive Layer

Furthermore, by processing big-data and open data, Predictive Layer platform is able to profile and structure the customer engagement model.
It enables a stronger customer relationship, reduce the churn, targets and up-sell the right offers and services for the different profiles of energy consumers.

Predictive Layer Solution for Energy companies

 Download the pdf (15 slides)

Come and visit us at NG Utilities 2016!
We look forward to hear from you.

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