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Our mission

Predictive layer's mission is to bring the full power of
machine learning artificial intelligence to everyone in every business

Our objective

Predictive Layer is revolutionizing Predictive Analytics and forecasting applications.

By providing everyone in every business with the capability to simply and intuitively model and establish forecasts and prescriptive analytics of their key target indicators.

Predictive Layer's automated artificial intelligence machine learning platform extracts dynamically all the know-how embedded in the company's own internal big data and all the available open data in the industry to produce the most accurate and reliable prediction of the upcoming future.

Our solutions

Predictive Layer's Crystal & Genius Finance platforms enable all industry sector specialists to set-up accurate and reliable prediction models and forecast the future evolution of the key variables of their business - without requiring a mathematical background.

As big data and open data are now making available most of the key performance indicators of all industries, automated artificial intelligence and machine learning offer unique capabilities to measure unidentified correlations and compute accurate forecasts derived from these correlations.

 By doing so, Predictive Layer provides unique capabilities to its customers to bring massive disruption in their industry sectors.

The team

Team Members



Chief Data Scientist

Stefano CASASSO on LinkedIn


Data Scientist


Olivier COGNET

Chairman CEO



Head FrontEnd R&D

Christopher DUFF on LinkedIn

Christopher DUFF

Senior Data Engineer

Gauthier FATUS on LinkedIn

Gauthier FATUS

Quantitative Analyst

Georgios KYRITSIS on LinkedIn


Data Scientist

John MASON on LinkedIn


Strategic Advisor

Matteo PIETROBON on LinkedIn


Quantitative Analyst

Alexandre RASTEL on LinkedIn

Alexandre RASTEL

Quantitative Analyst



EVP Products & Operations

Alexandre ROUXEL on LinkedIn

Alexandre ROUXEL

Quantitative Analyst

Sebastian SCHRAMM on LinkedIn

Sebastian SCHRAMM

Data Scientist



VP Enterprise Market

Strategic Advisors



Strategic Advisor


Etienne J COULON

Founder & Strategic Advisor
CEO PointGreen Solution


Thomas Sutter

Strategic Advisor
Strategic advisory & exec BD
@ Nexus Telecom

Research Team

Reseach Team HEIG-VD

Y-Parc Yverdon-les-Bains

Strategic Partnership


Prof. Dr. Stephan ROBERT

Strategic Advisor


Dr. Efstratios Rappos


Senior Academic Researcher


Dr. Lanpeng Ji


Senior Academic Researcher


Join the Predictive Layer team

Data Scientist

Rolle / Geneva, Switzerland

You have experience in Machine Learning techniques, Times Series Forecasts or Industrial Process Optimization & Operational Research?

You convert A.I. mathematics into real software for realtime, scalable & resilient operations to respond to critical industrial process and risk management?

You've applied it to real use cases in operations and markets, for energy, utilities, industry, retail, transport or freight sectors.

More information

SaaS & Open-Data development Engineers
Rolle / Geneva, Switzerland

You have hands-on experience developing, deploying or managing operating cloud-based services SaaS applications.

You have been exposed to one or several IaaS & PaaS infrastructures such as AWS, GE-Digital Predix, IBM-BlueMix/Watson, VMware...

You are experienced in finding and structuring and collecting different data streams (weather, finance, industrial signals, social events).

More information

Predictive Analytics Customer Engagement Manager
Rolle / Geneva, Switzerland

You have experience in defining, managing and delivering Predictive Analytics & Operational Optimization services for Enterprise Customers in Energy, Industry, Retail, Catering, Transport sectors.

You have led & deployed projects from Proof of Concept and Pilots to live operations in a critical industry risk management context.

More information

Predictive Analytics Solution Pre-Sales Manager
Rolle / Geneva, Switzerland

You have experience in defining, proposing & selling Predictive Analytics & Operational Optimization solutions for Enterprise Customers in Energy, Industry, Retail, Catering, Transport sectors.

You've sold projects and services from Proof of Concept and Pilots to live operations in a critical industry risk management context.

You believe in the opportunity of Automated Predictive Analytics to transform sectors like Energy, Industry, Retail, Catering, Transport & SmartCities.

More information
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Latest news & events

At AI Paris 2018, Predictive Layer is launching its new B2B Dynamic Pricing service based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

On June 11th in AI Paris, Cité de la Mode & Design, Predictive Layer is demonstrating live its Dynamic Pricing Engine Platform – Genius Pricing.

Predictive Layer automated machine learning & artificial intelligence is enabling the dynamic optimization of prices that a Product or a Distribution company can provide to their Clients. Predictive Layer Dynamic Pricing engine correlates automatically the sales and support data with the external market pricing and market drivers, to assess real-time pricing elasticity and optimize the prices for every RFQ for customers, resellers or distributors.

Genius Pricing real-time price recommendations allow up to 4% increase of gross margin & 2% of incremental market share. Furthermore, it is improving the efficiency of the sales organisation & pricing process by up to 20%!

Come and visit us at Artificial Intelligence AI Paris 2018, Stand A11, 11 & 12 june 2018.

Predictive Layer and Cisco demonstrate Automated Machine Learning for Retail & Malls, Hospitality & Catering, Airport & Transports at VIVA Technology tradeshow on Paris, 24-26 May.

During the leading 2018 tradeshow for innovation in Paris, Viva Technology, Cisco and Predictive Layer jointly present how to Automate and Optimize Operations for Retail, Catering, CPG, Airports & Transports.

Business performance is directly improved by forecasting future demand and supply based on multiple variables of influence.

Wait-lines are reduced by processing the Cisco LAN/Wifi data records. Furthermore, Workforces, Inventory, Supply chain can be minimized, Waste avoided; for the best benefits of the clients and the quality of the those services.

Please visit Cisco & Predictive Layer @ Booth L30-012.

Predictive Layer is partnering with Accenture on Open Innovation and major industrial leading companies to enable Enterprise Industry X.O

Accenture invited Predictive Layer to share its vision of the AI & Machine Learning market during a panel of industry specialists at Hannover Messe 2018:
On Monday 23 April 12.00 @Hannover Messe - Hall 6, Booth H46

AI, the rise of product Reinvention: It Starts with AI.

Building Smarter Products in the New, The Conference will be moderated by Mr Eric Schaeffer, MD Accenture Product Industry X.0.

To shape the view of AI in Energy & Industry sectors, the roundtable will include executive representatives such ABB Chief Digital Officer, Schneider Electric SVP Strategy, Dassault Systems VP Industry and Predictive Layer CEO.

Predictive Layer recognized as
CIO Applications top 25 artificial intelligence solution provider 2017

Predictive Layer partners strategically with SCCER-FURIES to shape the evolution of Power-Grid in Switzerland

SCCER-FURIES is the Swiss national competence center mandated to develop, promote and deploy power grid-related innovative solutions toward the implementation of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050

Predictive Layer is bringing its innovative automated machine learning forecasting solutions to enable, lead and accelerate the power-grid evolution, and its transformation toward new energy paradigms. Predictive Layer is working in strategic partnerships with SCCER FURIES Research and Industrial partners on these major developments.

Strategic Partnership Announcement

SCCER-FURIES Information & General Assembly

General Electric Report: Machine Learning
Power Play: Predictive Layer Takes The Guesswork Out Of Energy Demand

As noted by Marc Hutchinson, President & CEO General Electric Europe on Twitter

Read General Electric Report article

Predictive Layer @ Congrès GAZELEC Paris 2017


Predictive Layer is featuring and demonstrating its solutions to optimize purchase and trading of energy on France and European power and gas market.

Please come and visit us!
17, 18 & 19
Octobre 2017

Visit Predictive Layer @

VivaTechnology 2017 is a hub for the world�s innovators, tech-lovers and pioneers of the future.

Visit Predictive Layer at Cisco Labs booth - C12-021 - Automated Predictive Solutions for Retail & Supply Chain & Energy

Predictive Layer has been selected as part of the Best of International Startups by Paris Region Enterprises.

Come & see our presentation Thur. June 16th - 12pm, Booth Paris Regions G34!

@Vivatech, 30'000+ Corporate Executives, Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs and other investors will join and discuss around the impact of new technology and innovation on their business and on the society.

Predictive Layer enabled Automated Energy Forecast over GE Digital's Platform, PREDIX

After its selection by GE in Jan 2017 and an intense cooperation with GE Digital's foundry teams, Predictive Layer has delivered Automated Energy Load Forecast over GE Digital's Platform, PREDIX.

Predictive Layer completed the integration of its automated forecasting services and Open Data Services over GE's industrial internet platform, Predix.

Predictive Layer & GE are ready to roll-out scalable, industrial quality, automated predicting services for Renewable Energy Production, Smartgrid Net-consumption and Industrial System optimization as well as predictive maintenance.

Predictive Layer's Automated Forecast powered by Predix.
Discover Predictive Layer Energy use cases.
GE Digital's Predix Demonstrator event with top selected Startups.

You want to revolutionize Predictive Analytics with Machine Learning & Open-Data?

You want to transform Enterprise & Industries with Artificial Intelligence for Energy, Utilities Industry, Retail, Catering, Transport and many more...

Join our Predictive Layer team,
Send us your resume and let's meet!

Nice article about how Predictive Layer reduces uncertainty about the future

Read it on
December 2016

Predictive Layer selected by GE Digital for energy load forecasting

We are proud to be selected by GE for integrating our solution into the Predix solution.

Related article from Les Echos.

Stay tuned for other major announcements.

December 2016

Predictive Layer @ Congrès GAZELEC Paris 2016


Predictive Layer présente et d�émontre ses solutions d'optimisations d'achats et de trading de l'énergie sur les marchés Gaz & Electricité européens.

Predictive Layer @ VIVA Technology Paris 2016

VIVA Technology brings the world's most innovative startups together with the major global players in digital transformation. This new international event introduces 5000 startups with top investors and companies to grow businesses and shape the future.

Predictive Layer will participate to the event, as one amongst the most innovative startups to watch. Join us on our booth to discover the power of our solutions.

For three days, starting 30 June, an expected 30000 entrepreneurs, corporate executives, venture capitalists and other investors will join in a purpose-build environment in Paris.
The goal: to provide a real-time platform for collaboration and a high-level stage for discussions around the impact technology has on both businesses and society.

Creapole Industry Connect: Automatic data analysis serving industrial performance

Nowadays, data exploitation with predictive analytics is improving the industrial processes from machines developments to components inspection, through production monitoring.

Predictive Layer's data scientist 4th in the worldwide leaderboard as part of a team on Kaggle Santander competition

Our chief data scientist & 'Why so noise?' team (2 international mates) been ranked 4th position of the Leaderboard.

Congrats to them!

2 May 2016
Competition end

NG Utilities conference: Harnessing Technology and Innovation for 2020 and Beyond

Conference gathering leading energy providers and selected solution providers to discuss and define Next Generation Utility networks and Smartgrids.

"Predictive Layer, the newcomer decrypting the future" #BigData #Energy #Fintech

Predictive Layer presents at the eEnergy transition @Technoark conference on "Software intelligence for Energy Transition"

To improve energy efficiency, Switzerland focuses on the development of new technologies.

What are the contributions of these innovations?
With what skills, for what performance?

ERDF Innovation Challenge - Electrical Smartgrid

Crystal solution from Predictive Layer has been awarded at the ERDF Innovation Challenge - 2015:
Electric SmartGrids, in the category Big Data & Data Analytics for its applications of Predictive Maintenance and Forecast of Consumption/Production in the Smartgrids.

Crystal is implementing unique Automated Machine Learning algorithms for times series and temporal profiling developed by Predictive Layer.

30 Nov 2015
Competition end

Predictive Layer's data scientist in the top 10 worldwide leaderboard on Kaggle Springleaf competition

Our chief data scientist been ranked 9th position of the Leaderboard (mixed team & individual).

He has been ranked 3rd of the individual participants.
Congrats to Mohamed!

19 Oct 2015
Competition end

Predictive Layer presents at the Cisco conference on "Energy Transition & New Technologies"

Conference for utilities, public administration & government, academic and clients.

Predictive Layer & Cisco From Big Data to Smart Data - Accurate and reliable forecasts thanks to machine learning.

Predictive Layer presents at the Nipconf conference #understand #test #share "Upcoming Technology Disruptions"

Predictions & Deep Learning.

How Predictive analysis & open data can change the dynamics of your business.

Predictive Layer presents at the Swisscom / EPFL / Innovaud / CVCI conference "From Big Data to Smart Data"

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